Connecting With Cousins

Growing up I felt a little gypped in the world of cousins. Don’t get me wrong, I love the four that I have. But, with my dad being an only child and only one of my moms siblings having kids… there it is… four cousins… all boys. Most of us probably have great memories of visiting our cousins at family reunions or spending time with them during the holidays. But sometimes we seem to discount our connection to those who aren’t our first cousins. [Continue reading]

Play Well With Others

Most parents teach their children from a very young age to share. Share their toys… share their snacks… share… share… share. Even though little children have a hard time grasping why they should share they are still capable of doing it. Sometimes they even do it kicking and screaming with crocodile tears streaming down their faces. When it comes to genealogy, sharing is not only necessary but a vital part of the whole process.
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The USGenWeb Project

Probably the most overlooked type of sites for genealogy research are state and county websites. For most of us, it just seems easier to go to the big sites to find what we need. We think because we pay for them or because they big that they must have everything… right? Wrong! In fact we couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever heard of  The USGenWeb Project? Well, it’s a county and state volunteer project where the sole purpose is to provide free genealogy resources for everyone. In my opinion, this is a valuable resource to make part of our regular research. Here are just some things you can find: [Continue reading...]

The Evans Brothers & The Scofield Mine Disaster

David Thomas (20 Apr 1864) and Richard Thomas (6 Sep 1866) Evans were just two of the eight boys born to parents Isaac Robert and Catherine (Thomas) Evans. They were born and raised in Mythyr Tidfil, Glamorgan, Wales. After being introduced and joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Evans family decided to come to America to move west with the Saints. David made the trip in May of 1885 and married Mary Ann Davis in Wyoming on 17 Sep 1887. It isn’t clear when Richard came to America, but he married Martha Evans on 20 Jul 1890 in Manti, Utah. [Continue reading...]

Things We Don’t Speak Of

Have you ever noticed that past generations didn’t talk about the things we speak so openly about today? Things like illegitimacy, divorce, mental health, substance abuse or even loss of a loved one were all just somehow brushed under the rug and silenced. I have found that even when our ancestors get to their golden years they would still rather take it all to their grave. Even those who are still living and knew of some sort of “family scandal” feel like they don’t want to speak ill of the dead so they won’t talk about it either. [Continue reading...]

The Few… The Proud… The Free…

Lets face it… there aren’t many sites that help you search for your ancestors for free. But, is the biggest one out there. Not only can you search for free, but you can access thousands of documents as well. When you go to the website, there are four main areas available for you to search: [Continue reading...]

Mary Katherine Thompson

On a hot, Texas, summer day in August of 1874, Elizabeth Jane (Livingston) and her husband Francis Marion Thompson welcomed to the world their first daughter, Mary Katherine. The joy they must have felt, after already having four sons, can only be imagined. While not much is known about Mary Katherine, there are documents that make up the details and short story of her life. [Continue reading...]

Not Your Grandma’s Genealogy

I don’t know about you…but the genealogy I remember seeing my grandma do is a heck of a lot different than how we do genealogy today. Handwritten or typed pedigree charts and family group sheets are a thing of the past. With genealogy practices dramatically changing over the past 10 to 15 years there has been a huge increase in researching family history. Lets take a closer look at just how much things have changed. [Continue reading...]

Why I Love

What started out as a “free trial” became the beginning of my love affair with, and as far as I can see we won’t be breaking up any time soon. Over the past two years I have spent countless hours searching for documents, connecting ancestors, and building my family trees. In the beginning I was basically connecting names of people I’m related to. But over time, and most definitely now, they have become more than just names to me. [Continue reading...]

The Skill of Online Searching

Technology is a great blessing in our lives and an even bigger blessing in the lives of those researching their ancestors. With internet and search engines right at our finger tips there is no limit to the amount of information we can find within the walls of our own homes. But as with any blessing there are also a number of frustrations that can come along with it. [Continue reading...]