Newspapers… Obituaries… Death Records… Oh my!!! Genealogy Bank is such a great resource and truly a researchers dream. One of the most valuable things I have found on this website has to be obituaries. I know what you’re thinking…why obituaries? Well, to find a well written obituary can lead you to find relatives that you couldn’t have found any other way. [Continue reading...]

5 Secrets To Reading A Census

Have you ever felt intimidated by just looking at a census? Well don’t worry because I’m about to make it a whole lot easier for you. A census is a document that counts the population and collects information like a person’s name, age, race, sex, marital status, and so much more. Generally censuses are done every ten years, so you can imagine how a person’s life can change in that amount of time. [Continue reading...]

What’s In A Name?

Have you ever really thought about how important your family name is? A family name is your surname or last name and comes from your father. Your family name can link you to people for good or bad whether you like it or not. What comes to mind when you hear the names Hitler, Bundy, or Manson? We immediately associate these particular names with infamous people in history. Sadly for their families, they were linked forever to these men because they shared the same family name. [Continue reading...]

Rootstech 2013

I’m so excited that Rootstech is finally here! If you are asking yourself what the heck is Rootstech then I have the answer. It is a family history and technology conference that is hosted by Family Search in Salt Lake City, UT. It runs for three days starting tomorrow March 21 – 23 and is being held at the Salt Palace Convention Center. They have a great schedule planned that you can see here with classes for every level from beginner to advanced. [Continue reading...]

Understanding Vital Records

Every person born in the United States in the last 100 or so years will most likely have some type of vital record. These records include birth and death certificates, and marriage licenses.  While vital records are considered public records, which can be searched for by anyone, only the persons’ named can order the originals except in the case of death or the individual is a minor. There is also an exception in the case of a family member doing genealogy research. [Continue reading...]

Welcome to

I’m so happy that this day is finally here. I’ve been spending all day, every day for the last month building this site and trying to make my vision come to life. The idea for i-Descend came to me while I was taking a class fall semester of 2012. Over the course of the semester the students in my business communications class each compiled a portfolio of their “Dream Job.”  [Continue reading...]

Genealogy…So What!

When I hear the word genealogy the first thing that comes to mind is my grandma. She was so in to genealogy, and I never understood why. What’s the big deal? And why are so many people getting into genealogy these days? The peak of interest in researching our ancestors is largely in part because of the website [Continue reading...]

Pedigree Chart

A pedigree chart is a way to look at your ancestors as they branch out from you. On a four generation pedigree chart you can quickly see starting from yourself all the way to your sixteen 2nd Great Grandparents. [Continue reading...]

Family Group Sheet

A family group sheet is where you record an entire family. Lets say you want to fill out a family group sheet for your great grandparents. It will have the husband and wife with their vital information. [Continue reading...]

What is Indexing Anyway?

Have you ever wondered how genealogy records are made available online? The answer is through indexing, but not everyone knows what indexing actually is. So, I will try to help each of you get a clear vision of the incredible world of indexing. Here’s how it works: [Continue reading...]