The USGenWeb Project

Probably the most overlooked type of sites for genealogy research are state and county websites. For most of us, it just seems easier to go to the big sites to find what we need. We think because we pay for them or because they big that they must have everything… right? Wrong! In fact we couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever heard of  The USGenWeb Project? Well, it’s a county and state volunteer project where the sole purpose is to provide free genealogy resources for everyone. In my opinion, this is a valuable resource to make part of our regular research. Here are just some things you can find: [Continue reading...]

The Few… The Proud… The Free…

Lets face it… there aren’t many sites that help you search for your ancestors for free. But, is the biggest one out there. Not only can you search for free, but you can access thousands of documents as well. When you go to the website, there are four main areas available for you to search: [Continue reading...]

Why I Love

What started out as a “free trial” became the beginning of my love affair with, and as far as I can see we won’t be breaking up any time soon. Over the past two years I have spent countless hours searching for documents, connecting ancestors, and building my family trees. In the beginning I was basically connecting names of people I’m related to. But over time, and most definitely now, they have become more than just names to me. [Continue reading...]

Newspapers… Obituaries… Death Records… Oh my!!! Genealogy Bank is such a great resource and truly a researchers dream. One of the most valuable things I have found on this website has to be obituaries. I know what you’re thinking…why obituaries? Well, to find a well written obituary can lead you to find relatives that you couldn’t have found any other way. [Continue reading...]

Just under two years ago I discovered Find A Grave and fell in love instantly. There is so much information that can be found on tombstones. But, lets face it, we can’t drive all over the countryside to all the cemeteries that might be the final resting place of our ancestors. [Continue reading...]