Newspapers… Obituaries… Death Records… Oh my!!! Genealogy Bank is such a great resource and truly a researchers dream. One of the most valuable things I have found on this website has to be obituaries. I know what you’re thinking…why obituaries? Well, to find a well written obituary can lead you to find relatives that you couldn’t have found any other way.┬áJust recently I decided to look down the line of my second great grandmother’s first marriage to see what I could find. My thinking was that down our line there weren’t very many descendants and most of them where gone now. So, I went to Genealogy Bank and put in a name of one of her grandson’s…Guy Addison Fremlin. And this is what I found:

Guy Addison Fremlin Obituary

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This obituary gave me the names of possible living relatives and thank goodness for social media because I went straight to Facebook and LinkedIn to search. To my amazement I was able to find Guy Addison Fremlin II, and I sent him an email. Within the same day he responded and sure enough I have found a cousin connection all thanks to Genealogy Bank. Ray Fremlin had sadly passed away since his brother’s death, but Janet Cox his sister is still alive. Almost immediately I was added to their family Facebook page where I discovered they had a picture of my second great grandmother Maria Addison Fremlin Mills. No one in my family has ever seen a picture of her, and it was a wonderful discovery for me since I have been researching her family for quite some time.

Maria Addison

Maria Addison Fremlin Mills

Another great thing I’ve found on Genealogy Bank is historical newspaper articles. As with most families we have some colorful characters in ours. One of our cousins was outlaw “Blackie Thompson.” I found many newspaper articles outlining his life of crime and ultimate death when confronted by the law.

Blackie Thompson

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Genealogy Bank makes searching easy. You can search by name, state, and keywords. Sometime entering too much information isn’t helpful and you are prompted to enter less. I have found Genealogy Bank to be such a helpful website in the search for my ancestors and for less than six dollars a month you can sign up and search too. It’s totally worth it!

Happy Hunting!