What is Indexing Anyway?

Have you ever wondered how genealogy records are made available online? The answer is through indexing, but not everyone knows what indexing actually is. So, I will try to help each of you get a clear vision of the incredible world of indexing. Here’s how it works:

1st ~ Records are scanned into computers to make them digital.

2nd ~ The information on each record is then input three times by different volunteers to insure accuracy.

3rd ~ If there is any information that is disputed then it goes to arbitration and a specialist decides how to make it as correct as possible.

4th ~ Once a project is complete then the records are made searchable online.

Simple right? Well not so fast. Some records are easier to index than others. Records that are typed are easy, but records that are handwritten can be a challenge to say the least. In my opinion, each and every person involved in genealogy should take time to contribute to indexing. It’s a way to give back for all the information we find online that helps us in our family history search.

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