The USGenWeb Project

Probably the most overlooked type of sites for genealogy research are state and county websites. For most of us, it just seems easier to go to the big sites to find what we need. We think because we pay for them or because they big that they must have everything… right? Wrong! In fact we couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever heard of  The USGenWeb Project? Well, it’s a county and state volunteer project where the sole purpose is to provide free genealogy resources for everyone. In my opinion, this is a valuable resource to make part of our regular research. Here are just some things you can find:

1. Links to each states GenWeb site.

2. Links from state sites to their county sites.

3. Links to cemetery and funeral home records.

4. Links to state military records.

5. Links to state census records.

6. Links to local genealogical societies.

7. Links to the history of the county or state.

8. Links to special projects.

Each state and county GenWeb site is so different that the list could go on and on. It’s amazing to me the amount of effort that has gone into each of the individual sites from The USGenWeb Project and it’s all done by volunteers. We would all do well not to brush aside such a valuable resource.

Happy Hunting!